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Jim Pietsch

March 12, 2008

A graduate of the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), Jim Pietsch has a degree in Political Science, with a specialty in International Relations. While attending UCLA, Jim served as President of the California College Republicans, Vice-President of Sigma Chi Fraternity, and as a member of the Air Force Cadet Pistol Team.

Jim Pietsch, who in 1980 was named Outstanding Young Man of America, worked for President Ford in 1976 as State College Director and Fieldman. The following year, James Pietsch began work at Canon USA, where he worked as a salesman for three years before becoming a regional sales manager, a position he maintained until 1981. While with Canon USA, Jim held responsibilities in office and account management, cold calling, sales presentations, telemarketing, and deal closing.

In 1981, Jim began work at Union Bank, where he served as Vice President and Senior Marketing Officer. Until 1985, Jim managed the entire business development department for the Union Bank headquarters banking officers. This included the hiring, training, evaluation of and assistance to business development officers in the greater Los Angeles area.

Currently, and since 1985, Jim Pietsch has served as the owner and president of Interstate Rehab, LLC. As such, Jim regularly handles such responsibilities as recruitment, interviews, and the overseeing of all financial transactions. Interstate Rehab, LLC is a multi-faceted physical therapy company that holds multiple contracts and over 400 employees.

James Pietsch is married, and resides in Glendale, California.